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All work and no play was never any good for anyone, so enjoy...

Introducing words and art by:

- Dr Stony Dank
- Benderskum De Scribbler
- Mars Bilters
- Melanie Ainsbury-Panesh
- Alkomist A.K.A. Greg Metcalfe (R.I.P, my lovely)
- Kelvin Coles
- Byron Huggins (art for sale)
- Leon Judge A.K.A. Kiefmonster (art for sale)

.....And me!!

Above and following artwork
by Dr Stony Dank (2022)

Artwork and words
Benderskum De Scribbler

Words and art
by Mars Bilters

Art by
Melanie Ainsbury-Panesh

Art by
Greg Metcalfe
(A K.A. Alkomist)

Here's some cracking cartoon work from Alkomist (A.K.A. Greg Metcalfe)

It deeply saddens me to announce that Greg passed away unexpectedly at the end of February 2023. He did an awful lot to raise awareness of the medicinal benefits of cannabis in relation to Cancer, drug addiction and more. He was well liked and well respected as an activist, artist and jolly nice bloke. He really will be missed (already is in fact) by so many of us that had the pleasure of knowing him.

This is my favourite as Gregory drew it for me when I said I never have a Big Trak
 (remember them?)

Art by
Kelvin Coles

Here's some mind-blowing perspective work from Kelvin Coles

Art by
Byron Huggins 

If you're interested in snapping yourself up some original art, you could do far worse than checking out the wonderful work of Byron Huggins on
See below for examples of his art to tickle your fancy....


Take a look at these creative shorts advertising beautiful and original art:

Though I'm told it's due an update, keep checking on his website:

And these, by me!

The following poems are also my contribution to the 2022 anthology, 'An Alliance of Eyes'. Details on this and other books can be found on the 
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