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I realise that not everyone wants to buy from Amazon for ethical reasons, so I will endeavour to share about alternate sellers in due course. 

Please bear in mind that much of the funds from sales go towards both campaigning towards legalization of cannabis and paying for people's cannabis that they need to maintain or improve their health so you're not just picking up some outstanding literature, you're supporting the cause, so thank you for that xx

If it's art you're interested in, my creative corner page has plenty of beautiful, free words and art, as well as details of how to buy from a couple of the artists.

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A fascinating and detailed collection of data in relation to cannabis.  I have a copy and it's honestly brilliant. If you notice 2 differently worded but eerily similar patient testimonials, there was no voter fraud occurring, and I am that idiot who forgot she'd already written one 🤣

The first of Alun's books I'm featuring on here. He's written so many, I've included an author link so you can compare them. He's a cracking author, a valued campaigner and a thoroughly nice bloke. I'd also recommend his Cannabis Campaigners Guide, an online resource of regularly updated information about cannabis, past and present. It's probably the most thorough resource I've read. The History of Cannabis timeline is extremely interesting. The book and author links are Amazon, but if you prefer to buy from Alun directly, you can do so at:
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Cannabis Campaigners Guide

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Click Book (Amazon Link) to buy. This beautiful creative anthology is a treat I assure you. Whoever said cannabis helps creativity was absolutely right. Many of the author's you'll see elsewhere on the site, particularly on Creative Corner.

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This was recommended to me when I was first learning what types and dosages might help me and I still find it really useful. Sadly Jeff passed away recently. Stick his name in YouTube and you'll see him getting himself arrested outside parliament in the name of the cause. I never got to meet him, but I sent him two or three messages over time and he was always kind and helpful in responding.  He definitely wasn't for everyone, but I take as I find.

Callie campaigned a lot alongside Jeff Ditchfield. Here's a book she wrote about her son who takes cannabis for medical reasons. Click the book to buy.

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I haven't read this yet as I'm a really slow reader (with a book backlog), but I chat with Tony often enough to know that it will most certainly be a fascinating and unique read. Tony has become a kind friend. He's on a legal prescription like myself because at 80 years old he was prosecuted for growing to treat his terminal Kidney failure. Nice, huh? You can read more about Tony by clicking the link below and if you go to the Articles section, there's a piece by the man himself:

Here is also the link to an article about the history of cannabis that he contributed to this very website. Thank you Tony 😘:
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And here's an anthology I've been fortunate enough to contribute to. My own poems, along with others by featured contributors (and beautiful illustrations) can be found on my Creative Corner page. If you're already tempted, click on the picture for an Amazon link to buy.

And Alun Buffry's
Top, top recommendation....
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It wouldn't be right to be showcasing a selection of offerings from cannabis campaigners without including beautiful art and fabulous wordsmithery from the shy and retiring Rocky Van De Benderskum.

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You can also see some of Rocky's creative offerings over at my Creative Corner:

Hemp Products, Apparel and Other Merchandise

Hemp Infused Products
This site is a resource in it's own right, offering interesting information on the endocannabinoid system and the many uses and benefits of hemp.  I really recommend the hemp coffee and tea, and Becky is very happy to answer questions you might have.

Vaporizing Supplies
I've nothing to compare against, but I find these suppliers to have a wide range and great customer service.  George from Vape Fiend does some great reviews too. Last time I looked, they had the permanent discount code '420' available for use, which I believe entitles you to 10% off.

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