Campaign Materials

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This collection of posters and flyers should grow over time, hopefully not too much as that would mean the fight is too long, but the point of this page is that campaign resources can be shared and recycled more effectively nationwide. 

If you've any more you'd like to send for me to consider publishing, email me by clicking the email icon on the pink header or footer menus

Social Media

Social media is a tricky one, as the tenuous position of Cannabis even now means that pages are frequently demoted in news feeds or banned for sharing information that actually, is mostly legitimate in terms of being legal now.  Facebook/ Meta (who also run Instagram and Whatsapp) are particularly bad for this.  I realise that this isn't regarded as the only subject matter where this is a problem.

If you'd like to complain about this, here's a link to do so:

Whereas I can't speak for other forms of Social Media, in my view there has been an increase on Facebook of triumphant posts by various police forces, having carried out 'drug busts' on Cannabis growers. I personally find this offensive, given that for many of us, this is medicine and for the rest, it's arguably preventing the need for medicine.  If you see such posts, my advice would be to express your own view on the failures on prohibition as you can find time and inclination to.  Often, people agree with you and you may even offer another perspective for those who don't.

Here is an example of what I've posted:

"Even the law recognises that it is extremely medicinal and it is available for a very high cost (given that it is just a plant)on private prescription. Cannabis growers are filling the vacancy that prohibition and overpricing created."

To read more about Gary's case , including the fundraiser towards his appeal, click the coloured link to be redirected to my Political Action page: #free Gary Youds