DISCLAIMER: If you are prescribed cannabis, you are legally allowed to consume it in the public space of your choice.

Well, it’s taken a long while for this to be a page worth writing, but as the number of legal (for prescription holders) members lounges meetups and pop-ups finally seems to be on the increase, I decided the time was finally here. As always, I’ll update as and when my neuro nonsense allows.

I personally exercise the right to consume my prescribed cannabis in spaces where my friends go, so not specific to cannabis, but in fairness, there is’t a lounge even in the same country as me yet. I certainly would visit one if it was nearby, if only to try vaporizers that are a big expense to buy blind (I’d probably buy a Tinymight2, but I’m too much of a skinflint to spend much money on a vape, because this system is too expensive as it is). Anyway, thank goodness everyone isn’t like me.

I’ve divided this into 3 sections: Pop-ups and Meetups, Online and lastly, Member’s Lounges and clubs



One thing I've seen a lot over the years is the misconception that prescription-cannabis consumption in public spaces is dependant on their regulations on vaporizing electronic cigarettes (containing nicotine). It isn't, and I have to be honest, it baffles me why anyone would think that something recognised as a medicinal need would be subject to the same rules as something that very definitely isn't.

For guidance regarding the legal aspects, take a stroll back over to the relevant page on this website by clicking the following link: 
Guidance in relation to Cannabis Prescriptions

And if you know of any events or spaces that I've missed here, do feel free to email me on moda71nomore@gmail.com so that I can look at adding them.

As always, thank you for your support 🙏xx

Page updated: April 2024