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About Ali Pink
(and Green)

Cannabis and Disability Campaigner

I'd never been ill until 2013, when I developed Cancer. It was all very dramatic, total shock etc.but it was successfully removed. I never recovered my energy levels and suffered a shock loss of one of my dearest the following year. I also developed a neurological condition, Functional Neurological Disorder, which will be going nowhere any time soon it seems. Did you know it's the most common reason other than Parkinson's for visits to the Neurologist office, but had you heard of it? Me neither. Anyway my symptoms are to be managed because of the severity of them. Can you guess what works best? I bet you can.

Before I found this out, I was tried on a lot of medication and I mean a lot. I'm not criticizing my GP at all as she was and continues to do her job brilliantly. My neurologist is amazing too. I'm lucky. Like a lot of folks, I have sensitivity to medications which was part of the problem. I developed a lot of nasty side effects, and the brutal experience of withdrawal. Those things don't happen with cannabis. They just don't.  Side effects and ill effects tend to stop once you stop taking it. It's well documented and well  known that for some people particularly with a history or predisposition to psychosis it can cause problems, and I am certainly not denying this. But there are so many kinds (of cannabis) and the risk is lower than with many, many, many tablets that get prescribed every day.  For this reason, I firmly now believe that the law should change so that cannabis is tried before pharmaceuticals, not after, but that's another battle.

My own clear aim, like that of so many others at this point is that those who qualify for medical cannabis prescriptions should do so on the NHS and that in the meantime, the private prescription service greatly needs to improve. This hopefully will add weight to the clear arguments for decriminalization or legalization.  Whereas I'm truly grateful for the content of my prescription, patients also need to see big improvements more immediately, in the customer service that honestly, seems to be a problem across almost all the clinics.  It's a system that isn't sustainable long-term and isn't fit for purpose even now. I've aimed to make this a resource hub to offer suggestions for those wanting to lend support or learn more. I'm also building a database of draft campaign letters that you can print or amend. I've added links to lots of other excellent resources and campaigns too. There's a political will for change but much needs to be done to reduce the stigma of cannabis use and bust the myths that have been spread throughout prohibition. It deeply saddens me that I often read consumers accepting venues turning them away from using legally prescribed medication and perpetuating misnomers like it smells which unless you're literally next to it, it really doesn't.  Stop focusing on it being cannabis and stop focusing on it being vaporized.  These things are largely irrelevant.  The fact that it's classified as a medicine is what's important, and your legal  script is literally your legal entitlement to use it in public, should you need to (doing so respectfully of course).

The reason I got   involved is that fast forward to 2018 and I developed a tumour again. I'm all clear now and I've excellent reason to think it was benign, but a good friend recommended I try cannabis oil. I managed to obtain some, though that makes the journey sound substantially easier than it has been in reality, and the rest as they say is history. The reason I stuck with it, is that it had a dramatic effect on some of the neurological symptoms too.... Finally!

I went a number of years without having any seizures thanks to cannabis, but 2022 turned out to be a bad year for a number of reasons and my fits returned.  My condition is very susceptible to stress, and I was under a lot so it's no wonder.  It still improves them a lot and it helps with tons of other things.  It just doesn't stop them happening.

  Please peruse the menu links (on the pink menu bar), because I'll keep updating with links to transcripts and ways to watch this and other debates, plus ways that you can help, like writing to your Member of Parliament to make them aware.  I've even included suggested templates for some correspondence and quite detailed information on how to influence drug policy of different political parties.

This situation, plus life as a wheelchair user in an age where you'd really think you'd be able to get around more easily even on wheels by now (but you so can't) is what prompted me to set up this website and become another reluctant campaigner.  I hope you find the resources informative and thought-provoking. I can be sporadic at updating as I have to manage my health but I try to stay as informed as I can.

Thank you for reading,

Ali Pink (and Green)

P.S. The pink is for the hair and the wheels, I think you can guess what the green is for....

And lastly thank you...

Thank you to everyone who has (and will hopefully continue to) generously offered their time and knowledge to help build this resource and play a part in this campaign.  So many of you amaze and inspire me every day, and I most sincerely appreciate that.  Thank you to those of you who have tuned in to learn more, and maybe to help us in our reluctant crusade. Without widespread support for the law to change, I can't see it happening. We can't afford to wait any longer and we shouldn't have to.....

Updated February 2024