You can read more about how Cancer and later, a neurological disorder, led to my evolving relationship with cannabis, and my passionate belief that it should be legally available not just on NHS prescription from those who'd benefit, but to those who would be classified as recreational users, simply choosing it to maintain their health and wellbeing. Before I was a patient, I was for many years, a nurse.
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And lastly thank you...

Thank you to everyone who has (and will hopefully continue to) generously offered their time and knowledge to help build this resource and play a part in this campaign.  So many of you amaze and inspire me every day, and I most sincerely appreciate that.  Thank you to those of you who have tuned in to learn more, and maybe to help us in our reluctant crusade. Without widespread support for the law to change, I can't see it happening. We can't afford to wait any longer and we shouldn't have to.....

Updated February 2024