Campaigning is expensive and so is cannabis, so I've set this page up to make it easier for you to contribute if you wish. Thank you so much xxx

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'Seed Our Future': Campaigning for the Descheduling on Cannabis from the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. It should never have been put there to begin with. Offering court support for cannabis consumers and producing high quality standards and legal guidance as part of the Cannabis Industry Council. I'm a proud member of Seed Our Future myself, so I've a natural bias.  I know money's tight but please consider checking out this organisation if you  possibly can. They currently (July 2024) holding a fundraising drive, supported by both patients and industry members. Learn more below.

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Intractable Epilepsy Charity: Click on the picture and donate via the button, or scroll down for the chance to win £1000 on the lottery. Intractable is the only registered charity of it's kind, helping the parents of children with intractable epilepsy absorb the exorbitant costs that needing high doses of cannabis on private prescription entails. I've mentioned Billy Caldwell, one of the first of the very few children prescribed NHS cannabis. His mother Charlotte continues to campaign tirelessly, and she really does, for adults and children alike.  To quote her on the website: "Your contribution fuels crucial clinical trials for prescription cannabis efficacy and safety, driving positive NHS change. Thank you.". 

And they've recently been granted charitable status, so seriously well done to Charlotte, Billy and everyone involved.

Seed Our Future (Campaign for Descheduling):
I realise this is a big ask, but with the situation as is, SoF are providing services that really aren't available elsewhere.

To learn more in depth about their important work and why this fundraising is so crucial right now, I highly recommend you watch this YouTube video, kindly hosted my the Medical Cannabis Patients Association (MCPA):

Seed Our Future also have their own shop now:
Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 3pm 
Address is: 4c the Square, Moretonhampstead, Devon, TQ13 8NF

Even if you're not a patient, but someone who wants to see our laws change to be fairer for everyone, click the image and look for the button on the top left...

: Financial assistance with cannabis medication for children with intractable epilepsy.

You can click this link to learn more about the appalling issues faced by the parents of sick children like those helped by Intractable.

Win £1000 in the Intractable Lottery.
Click picture to donate or enter the lottery

IAMBILLY: Click the logo below to donate to Charlotte and Billy's campaign to fund more clinical trials to achieve NHS prescriptions

Or last but not least, why not click on the pile of books below to head over to my books and merchandise page and browse what's available? You'll be contributing to campaigning and/ or medication costs via pretty much everyone who contributed there.

Updated: July 2024