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I've set up this particular page to inform and educate about cannabis laws in countries other than those in the UK. As we know, the War On Drugs has been a global one and for many countries, it still is. Not just in the variety and complexity of these laws, and the ongoing divisions of what's medicinal and what's recreational, it's (for me at least) impossible to keep up. Immediately below is my first contribution, kindly contributed by Si Harrison from End Prohibition Jersey. I found it fascinating and learned a lot. I hope you do too. Below that is an overview of cannabis laws from other countries, including information (see further reading) of those that serve the death penalty.

If you're planning to travel abroad with prescription cannabis, do double check the laws of where you're going. I try my best to keep these pages as up to date as I can, but it's not always possible to keep up with every change,

Cannabis Law in Jersey

By Si Harrison

Cannabis, then know as Indian Hemp, was made illegal in Jersey in 1954.

In 1978 the Misuse of Drugs Law was introduced, which mostly copied the UK's 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act with cannabis flower and resin being made Class B drugs and cannabinol and it's derivatives (e.g. cannabis oil) assigned to Class A.

While the UK subsequently changed their legislation to downgrade all cannabis to Class C in 2003 and latterly upgrade them to Class B in 2008 [1], Jersey (as well as Guernsey and Gibraltar) did not alter their legislation and so cannabis retains it's classifications as defined in the 1978 law.

Consequently, there was a zero tolerance in the Island for products containing THC that were not in the form of either cannabis flower or resin as they were deemed to be a derivative of cannabinol and therefore Class A drugs.

In order to facilitate local production of CBD products, in 2019 the Misuse of Drugs law was amended to allow a small amount of THC up to a maximum ratio of 100:3 of CBD:THC, following corresponding legislation
implemented in Guernsey [2].

Legislation to legalise medicinal cannabis in Jersey was adopted by the States Assembly in November 2018, a couple of weeks after the UK [3].
This legislation differs from that of the UK in that it is not just limited to specialist doctors on the GMC register and instead allows anyone who can prescribe to prescribe medicinal cannabis.

However, the Primary Care Body advised GPs at the time not to prescribe medicinal cannabis primarily due to liability concerns [4] and so it was not until 2020 that patients in the Island could access medicinal
cannabis from UK clinics using telemedicine and postal prescriptions during the first Covid lockdown.

End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey was established as a private Facebook group in May 2020 [5], around the time that the first patients in the Island began receiving medicinal cannabis prescriptions.

Through sharing information about these developments with our members and engaging with the various clinics and specialist pharmacies in the UK to facilitate further access, hundreds of patients began to receive
medicinal cannabis prescriptions in the summer of 2020. By the autumn, three cannabis clinics had opened in the Island with a fourth clinic being established in 2022. There are now estimated to be over 2,500
people in the Island who have received a prescription for medicinal cannabis - one of the highest rates per capita in Europe.

Alongside our advocacy for cannabis law reform, End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey continues to advocate for patient access to medicinal cannabis in conjunction with our sister group, the Jersey Medicinal Cannabis Patient Alliance [6].

The general elections in June this year provided us with an opportunity to engage with candidates directly to raise awareness of cannabis issues in Jersey. To support our campaign, we put together an online
presentation making 35 recommendations for reform spanning 5 themes: Patient Access, Cannabis Industry, the Substance Use Strategy, Decriminalisation, and Towards Regulation [7].

We met with a quarter of the election candidates and communicated with a further half of them via email. The response was overwhelmingly positive with the vast majority being receptive to cannabis reform of some sort,
while our largest political party included the decriminalisation of cannabis in their manifesto [8].

By shifting the Overton window and beginning the conversation on cannabis, End Cannabis Prohibition Jersey is optimistic that our new States Assembly will be supportive of a progressive approach to cannabis
during the current term. We continue to lobby States Members on our recommendations for reform and we remain hopeful of progress in addressing each of our 5 themes in due course.

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Like the U.S., Cannabis laws vary at a State/Territory level. In Victoria for instance, although cannabis is not legal, personal possession and small quantities tend to be treated leniently, at police discretion. In the Australian Capital Territory, growing, possessing and cultivating cannabis is legal for those over 18 for personal use. Medicinal cannabis also varies. CBD oil (usually Epidyolex) can be obtained by speaking to a pharmacist. Sativex spray (naxibimols) is another approved treatment for specific conditions. Unregistered medicinal products may also be prescribed and approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) 

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In 2018, Canada became the second country in the World (the first being Uruguay) to legalise cannabis for recreational use (The Cannabis Act). Medical cannabis has been legal since 2001 (courtesy of the Medical Access Regulations). This means that residents can access flower and oil. Minimum ages vary between provinces with regards to recreational use but cultivation of up to 4 plants per residence is allowed, as is buying and sharing (with age-appropriate adults)

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Both recreational and medicinal cannabis (flower and oil) remain illegal in France. Sativex oral spray is available on prescription but only for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers.

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Adults in Germany can possess cannabis at home and grow up to 3 plants for personal use. Those with convictions for low-level possession and cultivation can apply to have their records expunged. Although the German government has changed course from the full legalization it was previously looking at, there are now planned pilot programs and Cannabis Clubs similar to those in Spain. Medical cannabis has been prescribable by any doctor since 2017, but this year (2023) it was announced that it would be treated more like other medicines (a reduction in red tape, refusals and lengthy waits being the expected outcome).

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Cannabis is legal for medicinal use in Israel and decriminalised with regards to small scale possession/ personal use (since 2019, fines may apply rather than criminal charges). For decades, Israel has been a forerunner in research.  

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Medicinal cannabis in various preparations can be prescribed in Italy. Although recreational cannabis use is decriminalised, it is illegal to possess or sell so there may be penalties dependent on the circumstance.

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Even in small amounts, recreational cannabis is illegal in Lebanon and penalties may be harsh, dependent on the region. Medicinal cannabis alo remains illegal. In 2018, the cultivation for medicinal and industrial purposes was passed through legislation, but guidance and active change is yet to be seen.  

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As of 2017, cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes became legal (the first African country to do this). Manufacture, distribution, import and export are also now legal. However, there is not yet a medicinal program in place, which means that despite this, both recreational and medicinal cannabis remain illegal. 

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This year (2023), Luxembourg became the second European Union member country to legalize cannabis for personal use. This allows for personal consumption and possession and cultivation of up to three plants. Public consumption remains illegal. Medicinal cannabis has been available for specific ailments since 2018.

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Medical and industrial use of cannabis were decriminalised in 2020. Recreational cannabis remains illegal.

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Cannabis for medicinal use has been legal in Malta since 2018. Limited recreational use was signed into law in 2021. Adults can carry up to 7 grams, store up to 50g and cultivate up to 4 plants. Cannabis Clubs similar to those in Spain are also being introduced this year.

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Recreational cannabis use is illegal in Morocco and penalties can be severe. Since 2019 it’s been possible to get prescribed cannabis for limited conditions and with a producer's license, it's legal to cultivate.

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Cannabis is illegal in the Netherlands unless it is purchased and consumed in a ‘Coffee Shop’. Although not legal to grow cannabis, possession of up to 5g or cultivation of up to 5 plants will generally not be prosecuted as there’s an assumption that there isn’t intent to supply. Medicinal cannabis was legalized in 2001.

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Though not actually legal, Portugal decriminalised all drugs in 2001 in order to focus on treatment and addictions. Small amounts considered sufficient for personal possession are allowed, but penalties may be high for selling without a licence. Medicinal cannabis has been legal on prescription since 2018, though it is difficult to obtain. Cannabis Social Clubs also operate.

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Medicinal cannabis was introduced in Rwanda in 2021 and there is regulation for growing, export, medical and research use.

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Cannabis is available for medicinal use for any condition in South Africa. Since 2018, it’s also legal for adults to grow and smoke cannabis at home.

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There can be severe penalties for cannabis offences in South Korea, although medicinal cannabis has been legal since 2018.

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Spain recently altered its cannabis laws so that it can be imported and prescribed by doctors, though this continues to be delayed to be put into action. Cannabis is generally illegal though it is decriminalised for personal cultivation and consumption. It is illegal to buy or sell cannabis but there is still a system of Cannabis Social Clubs.

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Switzerland has legalised medical cannabis on prescription. Various pilot studies have also been authorised with a view to possible recreational change in the future.

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Medicinal Cannabis was legalised in Thailand in 2018. In 2021, cultivation of up to 6 plants was agreed, but recreational cannabis remains illegal.

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Uruguay was the first country in the World to legalise recreational cannabis in 2013. Medicinal cannabis is also available. Growing for personal use is also permitted and there are designated areas for public consumption.

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At the time of writing (August 2023) Medicinal Cannabis is legal to varying degrees in 37 States. 23 States have legalised cannabis for recreational use. In 2022, legislation was passed to make it legal in every State and convictions to be quashed.

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Cannabis for Medicinal and research purposes was approved in Zambia and cultivation and export are also allowed but recreational cannabis remains illegal.

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In 2018, medical and scientific cannabis was approved, as was commercial cultivation the following year.

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