Did you know that cannabis flower and oil have actually been legal in the UK since 2018?

Did you know that there are still only 3 NHS prescriptions having been given since?

Did you know that cannabis-based medication has been available on the NHS since 2010 as sativex spray?

Did you know that the producers have mysteriously been the only ones allowed to conduct research?

Did you know that the government says it's not safe to prescribe  cannabis on the NHS, but it's safe to be given as a private prescription, costing hundreds and thousands of pounds per month?

Did you know that these costs are resulting in crowdfunding, increased poverty and sacrifices because no pharmaceuticals worked for us?

Did you know that this system is driving many people back to the illicit market or growing, putting them at risk of persecution from the police or members of the public, as anti-cannabis campaigns continue to run?

Did you know that there is no evidence to explain why cannabis was ever made illegal, and that it was used in British Medicine prior to it being prohibited?

Did you know there is vast amounts of credible, legitimate research and data available that clearly indicates greater harms to the public from pharmaceutical medications and social factors such as poverty?

I'm an ex-nurse as well as a patient and the aim of this website is to:

-Provide resources to encourage further learning about cannabis
-Provide articles and critiques of research
-Draw attention to particular areas of concern with regards to the political and legal trajectory we seem to be heading.
-Provide a dynamic, compelling, fact-based argument to make people question what they've been told about cannabis.
Highlight data that confirms that cannabis prohibition is a public harm.
-Attempt to increase public support in campaigning against this unjust law, with at the very least full legalisation, including recreational use and growing, with a strong preference towards descheduling, admission that the law to ban cannabis should never have been passed in the first place.
-Teach about the benefits of cannabis as a plant with so many therapeutic properties
-Offer resources for those wishing to pursue obtaining a private prescription.

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Home page updated: 11th October 2022