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This page is designed to provide a wide range of cannabis resources, from health information to law, to the environment and much more.  Topic-specific resource links appear on specific pages, which are best browsed via the contents page.

For keeping up to date with cannabis news around the world alongside all sorts of cultural, religious, historical and social aspects. This is run by the excellent, long-time campaigner Alun Buffry, so consider grabbing one of his books from the merch links. He's written loads, and they're great. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! (Click banner above to redirect)

For detailed reports and current activism in the British fight for Cannabis to be legal for everyone, this is the resource for you (Click logo to redirect), or visit

And click the logo above to take a look into the mindbogglingly complex world of cannabis regulation..... And the things that don't quite add up. Or visit

"The Cannabis Industry Council brings together organisations, businesses, and groups working in many different ways to promote the cause of medical cannabis, hemp and CBD". Click the logo for access to their publications, guidance and recommendations, or visit
A lot of this will be particularly useful for you if you're a prescription holder.

An educational and research resource from the creators of Project Twenty21 (T21), a data collection-based discount scheme for prescription cannabis (for those on low incomes) . Click the logo above for resources, research and details of the scheme, or go to

This is an excellent all round resource about all things prescription cannabis in the UK. It provides really clear and easy to read guides on topics like travelling abroad with your prescription, or driving when prescribed. I highly recommend you check these out.

Click on the banner for Information, articles and experiences around cannabis and psychedelics. Although I'm not endorsing illegal activity (that's on you), given that even the 'drugs' that are illegal are widely endorsed and researched by the medical community (and are legal in places other than the UK), it would have felt remiss of me not to include this resource. This is an educational website after all! Or visit them at

An easy-read, informative resource about all things cannabis.

A Wealth of Information

This section is a resource hub of other information sharing, cannabis-related news and campaigns and campaigners I'd recommend.

General cannabis news

For information about cannabis strains and other cannabis news

Simpa Carter is a prominent activist who makes regular podcasts talking to patients, parents, non-prescription holders and campaigners, offering a really detailed overview of each.
Although not UK based, a highly recommended podcast about the many, many health benefits of cannabis. If you're interested in hearing more stories about how people suffering from Cancer have found benefit from consuming cannabis, this is probably the place.


 Treatment with cannabis for Cancer is not available legally, even as a private prescription in the UK (except for related symptoms),, but that's no reason you can't read about it. We hope it will be one day, after all. Click on the book to read more.

Articles, Studies and Guidance 

Below are a variety of resources I hope you'll find interesting, around the topic of cannabis and hemp. Don't forget to check out the site contents, as there are plenty more elsewhere too!

3 NHS Medical Cannabis Prescriptions in 3 Years - Alfie's Story
(Hannah Deacon for DrugScience, 2021):

ADHD & medical cannabis. Maple Tree Consultants (2022). Available at:
[Accessed 4th May 2022]

Arizona cannabis sales generate 3x the tax revenue of alcohol and tobacco combined. Fernandez, C.J. Tucson (2022). Available at: [Accessed 4th May 2022]

As a Psychiatrist, I Have Been Amazed By the Power of Medical Cannabis (Dr Tahzid Ahsan for Cannabis Health News, 2022)

BMJ Lashes Out At State Corruption and Suppression of Science in the UK (The Scot, 2020):

CBD & Bipolar Disorder. Biles, M. Project CBD (2022). Available at:

CBG (Cannabigerol): The Cannabis Stem Cell. Cooke, J. Daily CBD (2022) [Accessed 4th May 2022]

Can Marijuana Help Those With MS? (Green Entrepreneur, 2022). Available at:

Cannabinoids and the expanded endocannabinoid system in neurological disorders . Cristino, L. , Bisogno, T., De Matzo, V. Nat Rev. Neurol (2022). Available at: 

Cannabis: How It Affects Our Cognition And Psychology – New Research. Sahakian, B.J., Langley, C., Skumlien, M., Jia, T. IFL Science (2022). Available at:

Cannabis and Psychosis: Is there Epidemiological Evidence for an Association? British Journal of Psychiatry (Abstract, 2018) Available at: [Accessed 4th May 2022]

Cannabis-Based Products for Medicinal Use: Department of Health and Social Care (2018):

Cannabis Causes Schizophrenia: Are We Getting the Full Picture? (Jason Reed, 2015, for Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP UK)

Cannabis could be prescribed as painkiller on NHS as hundreds join trial. King, J. The Metro (2022). Available at:

Cannabis Hemp, A Chronology Of: Cannabis Campaigners Guide (CCG): A

Cannabis Industry Wales (2018 Arfon Jones, Former North Wales Police Crime Commissioner, uploaded by UKCSC, 15 Minutes)

Cannabis Legalization is Key to Economic Recovery Much Like Ending Alcohol Prohibition Helped Us Out Of The Great Depression (Forbes 2020)

Cannabis Patients Aren’t Addicts – It’s Time To Change The Narrative. Volte-face (2022). Available at: 

Cannabis Social Clubs in Spain. Legalization Without Commercialization (Transform Drug Policy Foundation, 2018)

Cannabis, Tobacco, Alcohol Use, and the Risk of Early Stroke
A Population-Based Cohort Study of 45 000 Swedish Men (Stroke, 2016). Available at:

Cannabis, Uses For: Cannabis Campaigners Guide (CCG):

Driving and Cannabis: The Facts
(Seed Our Future, Oct 2021)

Drugs -Medicinal Cannabis (Home Office Circular - Crime, Policing and Fire Group - Drugs and Alcohol Unit, 2018)

Drugs Policy- 50 Years of Failure: Grahame Norris (Labour MP)(2021)

Economics: (Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), 2022):

Economics of Legalising Cannabis Pricing and Policing Are Crucial, The (City University of London, 2019)

Edinburgh family say UK Government 'broke their promise' on medication for son (Jacob Farr, 2022, for Edinburgh Live)

Expenditure per prison place in England and Wales 2015-2020 . Clark, D. Statistica (2022)

Exposed: National disgrace as a quarter of a million patients that are turned into DRUG ADDICTS by their doctors. Daily Mail (2022). Available at:

Fifty Years: How Marijuana Became Re-Legalized In America. Cannabis Business Executive 2018). Available at:

Former Copper Councillor Calls For Legalization of Cannabis in the UK (Canex, 2002):

Growing the UK medical cannabis sector through exportation. Medical Cannabis Network (2022). Available at:

Health Scientist Blacklisting and the Meaning of Marijuana in the Oval Office in the Early 1970s. Sunil Kumar Aggarwal MD PhD, 2017. Available at: 
[Accessed 4th May 2022]

Hempspan Progresses With Plans For Hemp Houses (Stephanie Price, 2022, for
Cannabis Wealth)

How Soldiers Turned to Marijuana During the Vietnam War. Lynch, Patrick (2020) Available at: 

How to Get a Legal Prescription in the UK (2022):

How to Read Cannabis Research Papers (Lauren Wilson, 2022, for Weedmap)

Introduction to the endogenous cannabinoid system, An. Hui-Chen Lu and Ken Mackie. Biological Psychiatry (2016). Available at: 

Is the UK any closer to legalising cannabis? O'Dowd, L. Leafie (2022). Available at:

Israel Announces New Cannabis Laws To Protect Users From All Criminalisation (Canex, 2022)

Lanarkshire lad is 'living proof' cannabis oil is life-changing for kids with epilepsy as he returns to taekwondo (Andrea Lambrou, 2022, for The Daily Record)

Like Kate Garraway, I care for my partner 24/7 and it’s incredibly lonely (Kevin Middleditch, 2022, The Metro)

Living with autism and ADHD – how medical cannabis helps me. Pearce, J. Cannabis Health News (2022). Available at:
[Accessed 4th May 2022]

MPs believe cannabis will be legal in the UK within the next decade. Hinton, P. (2019). Available at:

Majority of British public support legalisation of cannabis, survey reveals. Rahim, Z. The Independent (2018). Available at: 

Man, 80, arrested for growing cannabis plants for CBD oil that’s ‘saving his life’ (Olivier Vergnault, 2020, for Cornwall Live)

Medicinal Cannabis: The change that would be ‘enormously helpful’ - Ruby Deevoy (Christopher Sharp, 2022 for

Medical Cannabis Patients Forced Back Onto Illicit Drugs Market (2022):

Medicinal cannabis being used by tens of thousands of Australians as access becomes easier (Australia)(Olivia Willis, 2022, for ABC Health and Wellbeing)

Medical cannabis patterns of use and substitution for opioids & other pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and illicit substances; results from a cross-sectional survey of authorized patients. Lucas, P., Baron, E.P., Jikomes, N. Harm Reduction Journal (2019). Available at:

Misuse of Drugs Act: Counting the Costs (Transform Drug Policy Foundation, 2022)

More than 5,000 medical cannabis licences given by States of Guernsey. BBC (2022). Available at:

Multiple sclerosis: 'I used to cope with MS, but cannabis helped me change that'. Deevoy, R. The National Scot (2022). Available at:

No Victim: No Crime
(Seed Our Future, 2020):

Ongoing Stigmatisation of Cannabis, The Medicines. Sapphire Clinics (2022). Available at:

Police Return Prescribed Cannabis to It's Owner (10th February 2022)

Private Medicinal Cannabis Prescriptions Will be Available Soon (Isle of Man)(Sam Turton, 2022, for Gef)

Psychedelics and cannabis shows promise in treating Veterans with PTSD (Sue Sisley, MD, 2021, for Morning Reveille)

Regulatory Uncertainty – why the ACMD may not have appreciated that their recommendations could destroy the UK consumer CBD market (Edward Henry QC and Jade Proudman, 2022, for Mountford Chambers)

Science behind the DEA's Long War on Marijuana, The(Scientific American, 2016) Available at:

Share of adults in England and Wales who have taken Cannabis 2001-2020 . Clark, D. Statistica (2022). Available at:

Statistics on Drug Misuse, England, 2019. NHS Digital (2019). Available at:

Stronger Than Steel: Hemp Re-Bar Could Start and Eco-Friendly Movement in Building Materials (, 2021)

Study Finds Recreational Cannabis Legalization Reduces Prescription Drug Demand. Herrington, A.J. High Times (2022). Available at:[Accessed 4th May 2022]

Survey finds 55% of Europeans support legal recreational cannabis use. Ahmed, A. (2022). Available at: 

Switzerland to begin recreational cannabis trial this summer. Dineen, K. Leafie (2022). Available at: 

Troubled History of Hemp and Cannabis in the UK (, January 2022)

UK Halts CBD imports As It Enforces Strict Rules On Trace THC Levels (Business Cann, 2021)

UK Is Opening Up to Medical Cannabis, The Prohibition Partners (2022). Available at:[Accessed 4th May 2022]

UK Model Vs Portuguese Model (where drugs are decriminalised): BBC Video Explainer:

U.S. cannabis laws projected to cost generic and brand pharmaceutical firms billions. Bednarek Z, Doremus JM, Stith SS.  PLoS One. 2022 Aug 31;17(8):e0272492. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0272492. PMID: 36044436; PMCID: PMC9432746. Available at:[Accessed 24th September 2022]

Ultimate Guide to CBG Flower: CBG Strains & Best Products, The. Daily CBD (2001). Available at: 

Use of Cannabis for Headache Disorders, The. Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research (2017). Available at:

War on Drugs is a War of Racial Prejudice, The (Sian Berry, Green Party. 2021)

We're forced to risk jail and grow our own cannabis to stop terrifying seizures. Robertson, S., Connor, L., Decoy, R. The Mirror (2022)

What is Skunk Weed? A Beginners Guide to Skunk (Sensi Seeds, 2013)

Why NHS trials won’t help the children relying on medical cannabis now. Sinclair, S. Cannabis Health News (2022). Available at:

Wootton Report, The: Extract from 'The Strange Case of Pot' by Michael Schofield (Penguin, 1971). Schaeffer Drug Library

World’s first carbon-negative medical cannabis cultivation facility to be built in the UK (Jack Ramage, 2021, for Green Queen Magazine)

Your opinion: Gamma radiation for decontamination of medicinal cannabis (Sensi Seeds, 2020) Available at: [Accessed 4th May 2022]

Last but not least, if you're wanting a decent beginner course about cannabis but don't know where to look, here's the one I used.  I recommend their courses as though pricey at full cost, they're regularly reduced significantly .Sign up to the newsletter to find out about discounts.

It counts as Continued Professional Development, the study materials are clear and easy to understand and there's no time limit.

Section last updated: 28th October 2023

News Sites, Campaign Groups and Activists

420 Intel
(Global Cannabis Industry News)

Alun Buffry
(Links to written materials by Alun Buffry and others about cannabis and a range of subjects)

Arfon Jones (former North Wales Police Crime Commissioner)
Episode 35, The Simpa Life

(articles about global cannabis issues)

Cannabis Campaigners Group(CCG)
(Cannabis related resources and book links. An outstanding resource for legal and regulatory changes around the world)

Cannabis Health News (from the UK)

Cannabis Health Radio
An excellent podcast resource

Green Queen Magazine
(Wide ranging cannabis resource, anti-stigma)

Help Me Hemp
(Access to information, advice and merchandise)

Hemp Tank
(Think Tank and resources relating to Hemp)

Nelly The Vegan
(fascinating insights and resources into health conditions, medical cannabis and vegan diet)

Philippa Fleming
 (Resources and materials relating to cannabis and disability, Philippa is also an activist for the Green Party)

Seed Our Future
(Studies, information, resources, merchandise)

PodCasts and Video Links I've been involved in

The other lady on the zoom call with me is Philippa Fleming ( the lady with the tech skills.

Parliament Square: Activists at Parliament in January supporting the Medical Cannabis Access Bill (adjourned):

Here's a podcast I did for PCB&Soitiz Radio, with 3 other patients, about potential price increases in February 2022 (these are still under discussion):

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